2nd September 2018

Unit of Inquiry

This fortnight, students tuned into the second line of inquiry, ‘food and its impact on our body’, through a ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ activity.


Students further inquired about the importance of different food groups, through a story, which was followed by a discussion.



They reflected upon their understanding by illustrating the different food groups. Later they made a list of healthy snacks which they could include in their daily diet.


The highlight of the past fortnight was the guest speaker session by a nutritionist Ms. Anshupriya Bhatnagar. Students gained knowledge about the food pyramid, food groups and their role in keeping us healthy.


During their English lessons, students recapitulated blends cr, br, fr, dr, gr, tr through a ‘donut engagement’ game.

For further practice, students solved a  few blend drill sheets. Students were also assessed on their spellings through a spell bee. The assessment was marked by the students on a graph attached in their journals.

A visual imagery activity was attempted wherein students read poems and illustrated their understanding in their process journals. The poems were integrated with the unit of inquiry.

The students tuned in to phonograms ‘ar’ and ‘or’ through videos. Further, they brainstormed and wrote the words in their journals.




‘Take & Talk’ activity gave an opportunity to the students to choose and share their understanding on ‘5 factors of health’ or ‘the food pyramid.



Students tuned into the concept of ‘face value’ and gained knowledge about the difference between ‘place value’ and ‘face value’ using number cards and place value chart. They also practiced the concept of place value using Abacus and other manipulatives. Students attempted a formative assessment on place value and comparison of numbers.


During their Hindi classes, students watched a PPT on good habits (अच्छीआदतें) and attempted ‘listen and answer’ activity. They also learned ‘aa’(आ) maatraa and wrote words using the same.



During dance classes, students worked on the idea of using space to create their stories in groups. As a part of the prior knowledge assessment, the students discussed the relationship between dance and health.



The students created beats on the Congo and identified time signatures of their beats. They have also learned the Kodaly hand signs for different notes. They practiced singing songs like ‘Doe A Deer’ with these hand signs.

Enter a caption



Students were briefed on all the drawing tools in MS-Paint. They designed their healthy plate using those tools. They included all the important elements of a healthy diet while  illustrating them..




Students participated in an assembly presented by grade 1C.They spoke about why, when and how Janmashtami is celebrated.They further shared some interesting facts about Lord Krishna on the festival that marks his birthday celebrations.


During library class, students exchanged their books and shared their stories which they had read during the preceeding week. They participated in the summer assignment winner’s celebration day on  August 30, where the winner’swere felicitated for  their  work and were treated to a movie, butter popcorn and ice-cream to complete the theatre experience.



During the art classes, the students were introduced to the concepts of colours. They were also explained about the significance of human emotions and how colours  express these emotions. The students were asked to colour inside various shapes using  warm and cold colours and were asked to associate and explain why they choose a particular colour to express an emotion. The shapes included the human face, geometric and anthropomorphic20180821_141525.jpg shapes and a fruit composition.


Physical Education

Students  practiced locomotor and non-locomotor skills which enabled them  to maintain stability and control in different positions. The body remained in place and moved around its horizontal or vertical axisass they practiced.

A discussion on interrelationship between healthy eating and physical activities was established  for better understanding among students.


6th May 2019 to 17th May 2019

UOI: Students extended their knowledge to understand how different forms of art are used to express different emotions and expressions. They enhanced their social skills by creating a collage using pictures from old newspapers showing different emotions. Students’ choice was prioritized as they chose any one form of art from amongst music, dance or art and studied the subject in depth.

In Music, students were introduced to different genres and styles of music like Pop, Rock, Reggae and Blues, they explored how different emotions can be expressed through these genres. They learned about how technicalities like lyrics, melody and dynamics have a role in expressing emotions in music. The students were able to demonstrate different genres on some musical instruments and compose their own tunes to express their feelings.

In Dance, students learned about the nine human emotions, hand gestures and various dance productions by watching ‘The Mystical Forest’ and ‘The Game of Dice’. They also learned the concept of improvisation and its tools like mirroring and energy ball.

In Art, students comprehended the meaning of colours and how different emotions are displayed in visual art through the use of primary and secondary colours. Students were introduced to famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picassoand their artwork. They drew paintings using the concept of cubism.

Students were assessed on the first line of inquiry through a formative assessment.

They attended various guest speaker sessions emphasizing different perspectives of art. They attended a lecture from Mr. Imraan, the school drama and theatre teacher where they gained insight about the ways of communication. They understood that language is not the only way to express our feelings and emotions can be transmitted through facial expressions. They attended a lecture from Ms. Manikiran for a story session. Students enhanced their listening skills by listening to a story about ‘The Dot’ and ‘Camille and the Sunflower’ by Vincent Van Gogh. The stories were followed by a word search activity for ‘The Dot’ and a sunflower colouring sheet for the story about the flower.

Students read about the cultural diversities in India and gained knowledge about the importance of Rangoli and Toran in religion. They created their own piece of art by using recycled paper, pencil shavings and foil paper. The art of crafting was leaded by Ms. Ritika Malhotra from NIE (Times of India). They used their creativity and thinking skills for creating beautiful rangolis.

Students understood the influential connection between the culture and art form of one place.  They attended a Skype session with a guest speaker from Sri Lanka. They learned about the traditions, food, dance and festivals of the island nation through a presentation.

They also inquired about the culture of Africa and created masks depicting African culture.

Hindi was integrated with the unit through a puppet show on (राजकुमारी और कागज़).Students learned the impact of wasting paper on the survival of living beings.

Math:Students were tuned into Time and Calendar. They acquired knowledge about the various elements of a clock and learned the terms half past, quarter past and quarter to by experimenting with the clock manipulative. They enhanced their self-management skills by creating a clock on their own and learned to represent the time in both an analogue and digital clock.

They were assessed on their knowledge of fractions with a Formative assessment that integrated Art with the unit. They created a Rangoli pattern using wholes, halves and quarters.

They were tuned into their understanding of a  calendar with a class discussion. They gained knowledge about the parts of calendar and learned to read the date, day and month of the year.

English:Students were apprised about prepositions through a picture description activity. They reinforced the concept through a Dictadraw activity and enriched their social and time management skills. They listened to the different stories like ‘Hurray for Diwali’ and ‘A Story A Story’ that delved into how culture and art influence each other.

Students shared their perspective about different pictures presented in the class and expressed different emotions evoked on seeing the pictures. They were assessed on their writing skills through a Summative assessment. To enhance their communication skills, they were encouraged to prepare a creative writing assignmentand illustrate the cover page of their story.

ICT: Students designed their own emoji using online emoji maker tool to express their emotions. They explored various tools and options to edit, combine, and annotate images. Students revealed their creativity through this web tool.    

PE: – Students played recreational games related to sports like relay races with the basketball, running over the hurdles, Dodge ball, tag and run thereby developing their gross motor skills while also using hula hoops, cones and small bean bags. 

Library:Students returned their outstanding books and enjoyed reading their favorite genres in the library.

Assembly: Students attended the assembly presented by Grade 1B on the cultural diversities of India and Saudi Arabia. They learned about their choice of music, dance, clothes, food and others in an endeavor to understand desert culture both across India and in Saudi Arabia.

22nd April to 3rd May


Students inquired into the third line of inquiry about ‘How materials can change’ and gained knowledge about the term ‘matter’. They understood the different properties of three forms of matter i.e. solid, liquid and gas.

Students attended a guest lecture conducted by the school electrician that deepened their knowledge with experiments that showed metal being a good conductor of electricity.

They were assessed on their knowledge of materials with a Summative assessment.

Students were tuned into the new unit ‘How we Express Ourselves’ by watching a Disney production for Aladdin. They identified the different forms of art using a sorting activity that helped extend their knowledge about visual and performing arts.


Students explored 3D shapes and stated differences and similarities between the two shapes. They were assessed on their knowledge of shapes with a Formative assessment.

Students were tuned into fractions during a class activity. They acquired knowledge about different terms like whole, half and quarter.

They were assessed on their knowledge on measurements and shapes. They enhanced their self-management skills by drawing shapes of exact measurements on a graph paper using a ruler .


Students enhanced their thinking skills by learning the key concept  forparts of  a story. They respected each other’s thought by building different stories within a group.

Students listened to the story ‘My Inside Weather ‘and discussed about different emotions and feelings. They also expressed their own understanding using emoticons.

They enhanced their social skills by creating the story using puppets and prior to presenting it in class.

They revisited nouns, verbs and adjectives and framed sentences having all three parts of speech in  the same sentence. They were assessed on their reading levels with a reading rubric.


During their Hindi classes, students recited a poem ‘मैंएकछोटीकठपुतली’

They sorted outअनुनासिक (चन्द्रबिंदु) words from the poem. They also watch a video on puppet and participated in a listen and tell activity.


For ICT, students learned to analyze picture graphs created by answering a “How Many” question. Using a math app. This activity helps them to identify and evaluate graphs and also build the mouse control skill.


Students started to learn a new dance routine on the song ” ashayein” .The routine helped them to explore and understand different counting patterns.


The students sang the song “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and were introduced to different genres of music.


Student continued their unit on tennis where they  were briefed about the forehand stroke and volleying. They also played different sports related lead up activities.


As the crowned owl ceremony day is closing in, students seem excited and eager for the pajama party. They have been assessed for the entries in their reading log and few questions have been asked about the stories they have noted in the log as read.

The final count of the books read by them have been registered for selecting the students who will be felicitated during the crowned owl ceremony.

8th April – 18th April

U.O.I: During the Students Led Conference, the students exhibited their learning to their parents, they also played games and presented their portfolios to them.

Using the research skills, the students recorded the data in concentric circle of the countries which are the highest producer of cotton, silk, wood, glass, plastic and metal.

English:The students applied their understanding of verbs and adjectives to describe a picture They comprehended a story and categorized words into different parts of speech from the story.

During the take and talk students presented objects made out of various materials, their properties and advantages and disadvantagesof using the material.

Math:The students used their self management and communication skills through a formative assessment on 2D shapes, wherein they created various figures and images using the templates and presented them in the class.

The students were also introduced to 3D shapes.

Hindi:During Hindi classes, the students watched a video about rust and termite (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd2B9yCKzc0).

They wrote downthe names of things made of wood and iron. They were also introduced to अं (अनुस्वार) and used it to make new words out of it.

P.E:Mini Tennis- The students discussed about the tennis game. They were demonstrated the basic standing positionof stance, racquet holding grip, C- shape execution and follow through.

Skating: The students practiced V-Break skill during skating lessons. They were also briefed about proper use of body action to enhance their speed.

I.C.T:  They completed their assigned work on book creator, which was integrated with the unit on materials.

Music:The students were informed about the various materials that are used to make a musical instrument.

They sang “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” (https://youtu.be/Xh4ugYiXF-Q). The students also learnt how to read staff notations on the treble clef.

Dance:Students created objects to be used during a performance, in order to intensify their dance performance. They watched videos where materials and stage designs (known as props) were used to enhance the quality and grandeur of the dance.

Library:Students read stories from various magazines.

1st April – 5th April

BLOG (Grade 1)

U.O.I.: Students enhanced thoer understanding of the unoit of inquiry by attending a guest speaker session with Ms Shweta Bajpai, a materials engineer who apprise them about the process of making of material steel, types of steel, properties and uses of steel.

I.C.T: ICT was integrated with UOI where students worked on Book Creator. They used shapes, text and background colours to create a mind map on the properties of steel. They explored various other tools in it.  They enhanced their thinking skills.

P.E. integration with unit of inquiry: Students had a discussion on different material used in making various sports equipments. Student continued with the unit on cricket where they played practice matches. Students are continuously developing their match sense. 

Music integration with unit of inquiry: The students were introduced to the treble clef. They also integrated this with the unit of inquiry, learned about the materials used to make different musical instruments and how different materials produce different sounds.

Hindi integration with unit of inquiry: During their Hindi classes, students watched a video on Imaandaar lakadhaara (ईमानदार लकड़हारा) and attempted a ‘listen and tell activity’. Students discussed various different materials used for making axe.

English: Students improved their reading and speaking skills while understanding different parts of speech.Students were introduced through verbs through action game.

Math: Students began to understand 2D shapes. They further used their thinking skills for understanding a Geo-board that hones prehensile grip while teaching shapes. Tangrams too were of interest as they help to create different figures/objects.

Dance: Students revised the dance routine on the song” fix you”. In addition they also decided upon the materials they would want to include to enhance their dance performance, during a share and pair activity.

Art: This week, the students explored the art concept of figurative human proportion by drawing figures to 1/8th ratio. They also drew the human skeleton as part of this project.

Library: Students listened to one of the finest stories from Julia Donaldson’s sack ‘Scarecrows Wedding’

Betty O’Barley and Harry O’Hay were scarecrows. (They scared lots of crows every day). Harry and Betty loved each other, and so they began to plan for the best wedding, the barnyard had ever seen! The scarecrow couple set off for a hunt round the farm for everything they needed for the festivities – a big white dress, rings, wedding bells (or, at least, cow bells…) but when Harry searched for the flowers they took him far away. Villainous scarecrow rival Reginald Rake, tried to grab his chance to ruin their beautiful day but just in time Harry came back and saved his beautiful Betty’s life and made her his wife.

This book taught children about the importance of love, care and friendship.

25th March-29th March


This week for the unit of inquiry students inquired about materials like plastic, metal and fabric. They deepened their understanding by exploring their source, physical properties, advantages and disadvantages of their usage. To further strengthen their understanding, they watched the following videos.



Students began to understand 2-D shapes and explored their attributes using shape templates. They further enhanced their skill of using a ruler.Students practiced 2-D shapes using geoboard.


Tuning into verbs was achieved with the game “Simon says”. Further strengthening of conceptual understanding was achieved by watching a video

Students improved their listening skills by creating illustrations as per the verbal instructions given to them.


During their Hindi classes, students revised noun (संज्ञा) and adjective (विशेषण) by engaging in activities like ‘step in and step out’. They enhanced their vocabulary, thinking skills, and communication skills through this activity. They also revised (इ)and (ई)mantraby writing words with the same.


Student continue their unit on cricket where they play practice matches and are being briefed about the rules and the regulation of the game.  


Through a sorting game student learned what materials make up things in their surroundings. They looked at each picture to decide what its raw material was only to drag it to the correct group. This game helped students master the basic skill of categorization and aided integration with Unit of Inquiry.


Students revised and learned few newsteps for their dance routine on the song” Fix you”. Students also revised rhythm and coordination exercises they had learned in the past week.


Students expressed themselves using free expression in art and reflected on the same.


Grade 1 was read Julia Donaldson’s book titled ‘Tabby McTat.’ Wher the protagonist and his friend were separated and ended up in the hospital. McTat was taken in by another family where he met with another cat and  had a family of his own, but he could never forget busker and their happy times together. Eventually after days of search he reunited with busker and once again they were happy together.This beautiful story was enjoyed for not only did it encourage  love for reading but  had a lesson that no matter where we are , our family is very important to us.

5th-15th March, 2019

Unit of Inquiry

This fortnight, students embarked on a new unit of inquiry- “Properties of materials determine their uses and can change their state‘’. Tuning in to the unit was achieved by integrating  English into the unit where the students watched the story of the‘Three Little Pigs’so as to reflect on the choice of material used to build their houses. This was followed by a walk around the school where different materials that make up objects were explored.

Students tuned into the first and second lines of inquiry namely properties and uses of materials. They inquired how wood and sand turn into paper and glass respectively. They explored physical properties of different materials along with their advantages and disadvantages. Students also observed the objects that are an amalgamation of wood and glass.


Students watched the visual presentation of the story about the ‘Three Little Pigs’ which was followed with a reflection activity

Students were initiated to the understanding of pronouns. They attempted a pronoun specific unit related comprehension sheet. Students revisited various phonograms too.


Students revisited addition by attempting task sheets and a formative assessment on the concept of word problems. ICT integration with Math was done where students played various online games to hone their problem solving skills.

They undertook a summative assessment on subtraction with the station activity where they chose different tasks having varied levels of complexity.


During their Hindi classes, students recited a poem ‘Rasoighar’ and  picked up new vocabulary words from the poem. They were introduced to the grammar concepts like vishashanor adjectives from the prose. They also learned (गिनती) numbers.


Students revised the new dance routine taught to them with the  song“fixyou”. In addition they also explored direction and coordination exercises using claps, subtle hand movements and footwork


The students learned about the treble clef and how it is marked on the staff lines. They also sang the school song.


The students continue with their unit on cricket where they are being briefed about the fielding stance and throwing technique specific to the game. 


Julia Donaldson is prize-winning author of the world’s best-loved picture books and  is  also  well known for her rhyming stories for children. A popular book written by her ‘ What the ladybird heard’ was narrated to students. Oink!” by the cats . . . with all the MOOing and HISSing and BAAAing and CLUCKing, the farmyard is full of noise, made interesting read for the first graders. When Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len hatch, the two thieves plot to steal the fine prized cow, it’s the quietest animal of all who saves the day -a ladybird.Children loved the wonderful rhyming book with bright and bold illustrations.


Students had fun, working on an online tool based on mouse programme. They honed their skill of handling the mouse comfortably and efficiently while using this tool. They also discussed about the unit they have taken for their Student Led Conference. Students gave the final touches to their work during ICT lessons.

Peer reading time

18, February – 28, February 2019

Unit of Inquiry

Students tuned into the 3rd line of inquiry about ‘our responsibility towards public places’ by watching an audio visual presentation to understand our responsibilities towards public places.

They discussed various do’s and don’ts along with essential etiquettes that are to be followed at various public places. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fl9HZnIhYsA

Students revisited the 1st and 2nd line of inquiry namely importance of public places and why we need to take care of our public places and their understanding was assessed through formative and summative assessments. This was followed up with a written unit end reflection.


To enhance their listening and writing skills students watched a unit integrated story ‘Topsy goes on a train’. After watching the story, students wrote a reflection about the same and circled articles in the reflection.

Students continued to learn the skill of writing a paragraph using picture composition. They used the 5Ws and 1H strategy for this task.

Students attempted a formative assessment on adjectives. They were given a choice to either describe their classroom or the school sports field by using appropriate adjectives.

To enhance their vocabulary, students participated in the spell bee where they chose the correct word from the two similar sounding words.


Students furthered their understanding of subtraction by solving simple subtraction word problems using pictorial representation and RUCSAC strategy. A formative task assessed students on their understanding of double digit subtraction where they were given 6 number cards each with which they needed to create subtraction equations. To develop critical thinking skills, students solved an addition crossword.


Students gave the final touch to their Info graphic detailing challenges in public places. They made a beautiful Info graphics using text, images, shapes and colours.


After the provocation, students have now been introduced to dance presentations that take place in public places through flash mobs. Students also have started to learn a new dance routine on the song “Fix you by Coldplay”  


During their Hindi classes, students learnt ‘au’ (औ) matraa and wrote words and sentences with them. They listened to a story ‘Sher aur Chooha’ and engaged in a group activity (sequencing the story with picture).

They enhanced their verbal skills by retelling the story.


The students played a 4/4 rhythmic pattern on the ‘Cajon’. They were also assessed on their ability to play and theoretical understanding.

Physical education

The students continue with the unit in cricket where they were briefed about the different parts of the bat and batting stance. 


Grade 1 celebrated Dr Suess birthday in the library were a few facts about the author who was also apolitical cartoonist, and animator were shared. His books have sold over 600 million copies and have been translated into more than 20 languages. He wrote and illustrated 44 children’s book in his lifetime. ‘Happy Birthday To You’, an imaginative, creative and delightful book for children was read during library lessons.